/ among_worlds

Photography shows us the essence of the world in a subjective way, letting us watch through the photographer’s eyes at a particular location in a particular time.

In the meantime, we have the illusion that the subject of the photograph has an independent world, like it could exist in itself, without the photographer - but the photographer is always there with camera in hands.

I decided to create my own little planets, where nothing remains hidden from the viewers' eyes.

Gaba VR

My photos have their own worlds, telling stories without any photographers hiding in the background. You only see the whole individual universes.

That’s how the planet of the neon world of Corvin district was born among further colorful locations from all over Europe. And that’s how I made my abstract images, showing different moods through my unusual landscapes.

That's how it look like, when we observe every single part of the life as whole universes. And although we can find the beauty in each world, the most exciting experience is to travel among them.

Gaba VR /Gabor Szidor N./

Selection from the series