Behind the scenes

Watch behind the scenes…

Have you ever wondered how so-called “little planet” photos and their variations are made? In my video  tutorials you can get some insight behind the scenes, while I present my own techniques and my favorite methods to shoot in 360°. 

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In the following tutorials I show you 3 of my own techniques, how I try to make 360 photography more awesome and diverse.

#holeyplanet photos are little planets with a hole in the middle. This is really spectacular technique, as you can create a hole (or a kind of reflection) in the middle of the image (depending on the original photo). And besides creating “simple Holey Planets”, you can go crazy with combining this technique with further creative ideas…

#flyingcam is a powerful technique to improve your invisible camera selfies. Both the camera and the mounting will be totally invisible without any post-production, straight out of the camera. So your 360 degree photos or little planet photos look like the camera was in the air. So it’s time to set your hands free and shoot some fake drone shots!

#rearguard360 opens up new dimensions, as you can start using the space around you like never before. It’s a creative game with  trying out new positions with a 360 camera. Stepping forward from the “simple” #flyingcam technique, you can take pictures just like there was an invisible photographer above or somewhere behind you.

On my YouTube channel, you’ll find further “behind the scenes” contents and tutorial videos for beginners in 360° photography. If you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe and get some inspiration from my videos about taking and editing littleplanet photos, and even shooting and watching 360°/ VR videos. 

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